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HHA Royal Jelly paper


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Korea's best selling 3-in-1 Make up removal, facial cleanser and skin care protection.The Royal Jelly deeply nourishes skin, improves skins radiance, leaving skin soft and fair. It also has excellent anti-bacterial properties.

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The HHA Facial Paper can be easily carried in bags to cleanse and refresh your skin anytime anywhere, at the office or on a trip.

The Hamamelis Virginiana extract produces rich and delicate foam, thoroughly removing oil,dirt, dead skin and cosmetic residues from not only the outermost, but also the innermost part of skin, and making your skin fresh and clean.

Mild caring:
Natural bee propolis, royal jelly and plant extracts are integrated into a mind and non-irritating product even suitable for babies; naturally refreshing and confirming, it can be used for tender parts like lips and eyes and is undoubtedly a must-have for sensitive skins.

Thorough Moisturizing:
With the magic of Aloe Barbadensis, the water molecules are sent to reach every cell deep in the skin, replenishing you skin like a clean stream; even the driest skin can be nourished and moisturized for 24 hours, which completely renews and revitalizes your skin.

76mm x 76mm x 42mm
50 pieces / box

Hamamelis Virginiana extract, Natural bee propolis, Aloe Barbadensis

Photos of Usage

My hand is applied with various makeups.

hha cleanser

After using just 1 sheet of HHA Royal Jelly Paper.

hha cleanser

Take 1 sheet of HHA Royal Jelly Paper and rinse with water

hha cleanser

Many bubbles are formed.

hha cleanser

As an acid-balanced cleanser it can will enable deep and soft cleansing of your skin.

hha cleanser

After wash the skin will feel moist and hydrated. It is good for sensitive skin and it has the antibacterial properties of Royal Jelly.

hha cleanser

Customer's Reviews of HHA Royal Jelly Paper

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4 stars Satisfied with the Royal Jelly Paper
Written by Jennif*** on 8 March 2017

Useful in removing my make up. I keep it with me all the time.
users review photos

4 stars Very happy with the cleanser
Written by Wendy W*** on 23 Feb 2017

Love this stuff! Removes everything and doesn't irritate my oily skin. This will get eye make up and everything off your skin.
users review photos

4 stars it's very easy to use
Written by Joey Li** on 11 Feb 2017

I don't use other cleanser after using hha jelly paper. My skin looks so much better for cutting out normal foaming cleansers. It's softer and healthier looking. After cleansing my skin would often feel tight or just look irritated. I also never realised how bad my usual cleansers were at removing makeup until I tried this royal jelly paper.

users review photos

4 stars Bought as gift for my friend
Written by Tan Wei Ti** on 5 Jan 2017

Delivery was fast. will buy again.

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