Track your order

Normal Mail
For normal mail tracking is not available. We will whatsapp you to notify you that your order have been mailed out.
Usually it takes about 3-5 days to reach you from date of posting. All orders will be mailed out on the next business day.
Please note orders receive on fri, sat & sun will be posted out on the following monday.

Registered Mail Tracking Numbers
The full tracking number will be whatsapp or emailed to you as soon as your order is sent.
For tracking number starting with 'RC' please go to to track.
For tracking number starting with 'SGP' please go to shipping company to track.
All orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days.

Shipped on: 17 Jan 2021
Gisele RC2451438XXSG

Shipped on: 15 Jan 2021
Mazita Abd Ghani RC6928152XXSG

Shipped on: 14 Jan 2021
JOEY T*** SGP1009463XX

Shipped on: 9 Jan 2021
Benny Liu SGP1009886XX
Andrea Ee Bee Ch** SGP1009886XX
Brent Chua SGP1009463XX
Theresa RC2351584XXSG

Shipped on: 8 Jan 2021
Chmel SGP1008941XX

Shipped on: 5 Jan 2021
puah siok *** SGP1007040XX
Wendy S** SGP1006980XX

Shipped on: 2 Jan 2021
Sarah** RC2351584XXSG

Shipped on: 29 Dec 2020
Joey Li* RC2351584XXSG
Theresa RC2351893XXSG
Wendy Wong SGP1004195XX
Seat yew K*** SGP1003944XX

Shipped on: 26 Dec 2020
Tan Wei Ti** SGSG719856XX
Rizal Bin Bakar SGSG719856XX